Another Financing Placement!

Cambridge Financial Services was instrumental in the recent sourcing, negotiation and closing of a $4 million factoring facility for an energy conservation company located in the Northeast.

Nick Jalowski, Managing Director of Cambridge Financial Services, explains. “Our client had a couple of loss years in operating performance. As a result, their existing bank did not want to provide additional financing and actually wanted to exit the credit. Within the past year however, the company was on an upswing with a huge revenue backlog which would enable it to return to a healthy profit performance. To take advantage of the growth they needed more working capital financing. Given the situation, we determined that the best way for our client to access funding to support the growth was through a factoring arrangement with a reputable firm that would understand the unique nature of the business. We assisted the client in developing the funding proposal, sourcing potential factoring companies, negotiating acceptable terms and conditions and assisting in bringing the deal to close just before the new year.”

Cambridge Financial Services was engaged as the financial advisor to the company and continues to provide consulting services on its financial matters post closing. As Nick noted, “Sometimes you have to think outside the box to make a deal work……and of course, you have make sure your advisors have the creativity and expertise to come up with those alternative solutions. We excel in that area!”

December 2015