Refinancing in the Middle of a Pandemic!

Cambridge Financial Services was able to source, negotiate and close a $5 million factoring facility for a trucking and logistics company in the middle of the pandemic lockdown. According to lead consultant, Nick Jalowski, “the engagement started as a turnaround assignment as the company had posted losses for several years and its financing had been […]

Surviving COVID-19 Now and Beyond

Nick Jalowski was a panelist on a New Jersey Turnaround Management Association’s webinar on how companies will have to restructure to survive. To watch the webinar, click the video below. Webinar starts as 6:53 mark.

Emerging from COVID-19!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this bizarre time for businesses. Like me, I am sure you are reading various articles and blogs, listening to webinars and Currently, most businesses and their trusted advisors are focused on accessing government aid programs to make it through the lockdown. But at some point, […]

One Way to Restructure a Distressed Loan

July 2017 A real estate owner and manager of a portfolio of eight properties was in trouble with his bank lender and had been in a loan forbearance agreement for two years. The second-year forbearance was ending and the bank wanted to be out of the relationship at maturity. The value of the combined properties […]