Cambridge Financial Services, LLC was formed in 1985 as a management consulting firm specializing in financial matters of commercial enterprises.

Our consultants’ individual expertise as bankers, chief financial officers and entrepreneurs are blended together to provide clients with the highest quality financial advice.

Smaller businesses may not warrant the employ of a full-time financial officer. As a consequence, senior management may wind up doing double-duty in handling the firm’s financial concerns, taking valuable time away from other areas. Larger businesses may have financial personnel on hand, but require expertise on a project specific basis. In addition, unfamiliarity with the “modus operandi” of financiers and financial institutions can cause frustration and wasted time when trying to obtain financing, resolve disputes or settle debts.

This is where Cambridge Financial has been making a positive impact. We provide not only the resource of financial expertise, but also a network of “back-office” professional contacts that can supply the support necessary to take advantage of opportunities. The majority of our business is performed on a fee for service basis; however, engagements are flexible.

Almost all of our engagements are by referral, and we will review a potential new client situation free-of-charge to determine the objectives and if they can reasonably be attained with our assistance. In fact, many other professionals (e.g., lawyers, accountants, brokers) consider Cambridge Financial Services, LLC a strong addition to their network of professional services to assist their clients.

A Cambridge Financial Services, LLC client is assured of professional handling of all its financial concerns through the decades of experience our consultants have in the financial and management disciplines.

logo_bulletsmallTurnaround Management Advisors and Loan Workout Consulting

Typically, a company in financial trouble can expect to go through the above five stages to turn the business around;

  1. Engagement of the Architect

    In this stage the company engages a turnaround consultant or interim management team such as Cambridge Financial, to put in place the talent to lead the turnaround effort.

  2. Situational Analysis

    The objectives of this stage are to see if the business can be saved (i.e. viability analysis), to identify the most appropriate type of turnaround strategy to employ and to develop a plan to implement such strategy.

  3. Crisis Intervention

    In this stage, whatever emergency action is necessary is taken to ensure that the organization will survive. This includes action to establish a positive cash flow, the raising of additional funding and negotiations with critical stakeholders to buy time to address a long term plan.

  4. Business Restructuring

    Once crisis situations are addressed, the focus shifts to longer term strategies for enhanced profitability and a restructured balance sheet to assure long term positive investor performance.

  5. Return To Normal

    Once the restructuring is accomplished, the enterprise should be poised to take advantage of other opportunities for growth and to attract the management talent to replace the turnaround architect group.

Cambridge Financial Services, LLC has a strong and long standing reputation as experts in consulting with financially troubled companies. Management of a company experiencing financial problems often spend more time putting out fires than in addressing the positive aspects of the business to get back to a healthy status. Our consultants are experts at handling financial turmoil, whether it be a large influx of vendors calling for collection, or diffusing the financial concerns of a bank. Often, the engagement of a specialist such as Cambridge Financial will immediately enhance credibility and assist the firm in negotiations with lenders and suppliers to restructure terms and weather the financial storm.

logo_bulletsmallFinancial Restructuring and Placement Services

Cambridge Financial provides restructuring and financing placement services for positive growth scenarios, for more advantageous terms and conditions, as well as for distressed turnaround situations. Our financing sources include traditional and alternative lenders and investors for varied commercial purposes. Our reputation and relationships with both the typical cash flow lenders, as well as the more specialized funding sources, such as factors, asset based lenders, debtor-in-possession financiers, and mezzanine funding provide our clients with the widest range of options when seeking funding. Cambridge is selective with client projects, and advises on the structure, format and information presented to the potential financing source. The fact that Cambridge has pre-screened a client request lends immediate creditability to the proposal with our wide network of preferred lenders and investors.

Cambridge consultants put their experience as actual former lenders into tailoring a credit proposal that has the best chance of gaining approval. With the assistance of Cambridge, a client is assured that a lender will have sufficient information to make a decision quickly, rather than the painstaking and expensive time delays that can occur when a lender needs additional information.

logo_bulletsmallLiquidation and Business Wind Down Services

When a business enters the end of its life cycle, an owner may have no idea how to wind things down. Cambridge services can be there to guide you through the process in an orderly manner to maximize value of assets, ensure payment of appropriate liabilities, and ultimately sleep easy at night. Our experience in multiple liquidations and wind downs has assisted not only business owners, but other stakeholders such as lenders and suppliers.

logo_bulletsmallMerger and Acquisition Advisory Services

Cambridge can assist business owners in conducting due diligence and financial modeling of potential mergers and acquisitions, as well as in negotiations of appropriate terms and conditions and the funding of the deal. Our expertise in the insolvency world can be an asset to a client looking for the best way to purchase a distressed business, whether it is through a Section 363 sale in bankruptcy, a UCC Article 9 sale or Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.

logo_bulletsmallLitigation Support

Attorneys and clients engage Cambridge Financial to provide assistance in litigation evaluation, strategies and as expert witnesses. Depending on the parameters of the engagement, our consultants can provide expert testimony on debtor/creditor situations, commercial banking and financing matters, distressed business issues and damage calculations. We can work closely with attorneys in the request and review of discovery material, and play an integral part in developing successful litigation strategies.